About Us


Maytech Music Systems is founded and operated by two musician mates who believe they had something good to offer to the musical community. One a drummer, with a degree in electrical engineering, the other a guitarist - the inventor of the DuGyte.


When asked by many of my playing friends, associates and mates how the DuGyte came to be – this is the story I tell


“The DuGyte came about because I got over rolling up and laying out multiple power and signal cables every time I wanted or had to play. Small spaces made it even harder to keep it tidy. Saw a few possible so called 'snake' cables but none 'worked' for me. Thinking that something better could be done, most importantly with one cable - the DuGyte was born"


With our intimate experience and knowledge of the music industry both in touring and performing has helped in the design, application and operation of the DuGyte range of products.


We hope that Maytech’s products play true for you, and that is you - Think less play more!