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Power Supplies

Power Supplies

The DuGyte™GP Series Power Adaptors are designed to work exclusively with your DuGyte GP Series Pedalboard Connection System™.


It’s a universal power supply that works off 110- 220 VAC and 50/60 Hz mains power. It comes complete with a detachable AC Power Chord, so no matter where you play, just change your power cord to suit the country you are in. You can order your DuGyte AC/DC Power Adaptor with an AC Power Chord that is compatible with the Australia (AU), United States (US), European Union (EU) or United Kingdom (UK) electrical systems. If you tour multiple countries just grab our Tour Power Pack which includes a power cord for for each country listed.


All DuGyte AC/DC Power Adaptors come standard with an DC Power Cable outfitted with a specialized 4-Pin DC Power Plug. This 4 Pin Plug connects to the 4-Pin Power Plug located on your GP521 and GP721 DuGyte Cable. In the GP121 system, the DC Power Cable connects directly to the 4-Pin DC Imput Power Socket located on the back panel of the GP121 Back Station.


Highly efficient, deliveing 9,12 & 18 VDC with up to 5 amps of clean regulated DC power to your Pedalboard while consuming less than 3 amps of mains power.



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