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Daisy Chain Power Leads

Daisy Chain Power Leads

If you’re serous about owning a DuGyte™ GP Series Pedalboard Connection System™ the PPS Models of Guitar Effects Pedal Power Supply Splitter Cables by Maytech Music Systems are a must.

The PPS Series of Multi-Plug Daisy Chain Cables, the DC5 and DC7, gives you have the option of straight plugs and handy right-angle plugs. Not to mention, you also get over 12" between plugs for convenient pedal placement and spring-loaded contacts in the input sockets for maintaining secure connections. And you can even link multiple DC5 or DC7 cables together in whatever combination you want to power more effects!

When you want to get the most out of your DuGyte GP Series Pedalboard Connection System pick up the Maytech Music Systems PPS Model DC5 or DC7 Series of Daisy Chain Power Cables.

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