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George L Plugs & Leads

George L Plugs & Leads

Quality connections for your effects without soldering.

Pros around the world choose George Ls guitar cables for their transparent sound and exceptional durability.

Make top-quality patch leads or guitar cables of whatever custom length you need by selecting any of the George Ls .155-diameter connectors and some George Ls bulk guitar cable. You'll appreciate the ultra-low noise and low capacitance of George Ls cable, especially if you're making a lot of jumper cables for a large Pedalboard. And because George Ls cables and connectors don't require stripping or soldering, you'll be amazed at how easy it is to re-fit your whole rig with George Ls .155-diameter guitar cables.

George L's Effects Pedal Plugs and Cable lets you get rid of that motley collection of unmatched, crackly old patch cords strung between your effects pedals so you can have a the 'clean' look, while improving the overall sound quality of your system.


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