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  • What is the DuGyte Pedalboard Connection System?

  • Maytech Music Systems DuGyte GP & MFX Series of Pedalboard Connection Systems are purpose-built systems that power and connects all of the devices on your pedalboard with your back-stage gear and equipment using a “single all-in-one cable.”

  • How does a DuGyte work?

  • The DuGyte works by consolidating all of the many signal and power cables normally used to setup and operate your pedalboard into a single All-In-One Cable loom that connects to your pedalboard using a single connector. The single All–In-One Cable connects to the DuGyte Front Station. Meanwhile amplifier(s), rack equipment and the DuGyte Power Supply are all connected at the other end. That’s it, just turn on and start playing! 


  • Why do I need a DuGyte?

  • Along with all the other compelling reasons and benefits the DuGyte delivers, simply put, if you have a pedalboard the DuGyte is the only connection system that eliminates the spaghetti of wires, while at the same time supplying all the power for your pedalboard. No more using a series of wall warts, power strips and leads on or at your pedalboard means less equipment you have to lug to each gig. In addition, less connections in cables reduces potential cabling problems.

  • Is the DuGyte Road Ready?

  • Yes, it sure is! The DuGyte is constructed using a rugged and durable anodized aluminum extrusion. So it is engineered and manufactured to take wear and tear expected from giggin’ and touring use

  • Will the DuGyte affect my sound?

  • The DuGyte has been designed to deliver optimum sound quality and performance. The DuGyte will perform exactly the same as if you just plugged your guitar directly into your amplifier. If you experience any noise or hum through your DuGyte it is highly recommended that you check your patch leads. We are confident it won’t be the DuGyte. (See our video here for our sound test)

  • What power options does the DuGyte offer?

  • Depending upon the model, the DuGyte MFX Series offers AC mains power, 100-240 50/60Hz . The GP Series offers several different DC power output options as shown in the following table.



    Outputs by Voltage Level*
























    1 or 2

    1 or 2



    Note:>*12/18VDC power output sockets are individually switch-selectable.

  • How many effects pedals can I power off the DuGyte?

  • The standard effects pedal at 9VDC draws an average of say 100mA. With the GP521 providing six (6) outputs at 9VDC with 3.0 Amps you can potentially drive upwards of thirty (30) pedals. The GP121/GP721 provides four (4) outputs at 9VDC with 2.0 Amps and two (2) switch-selectable 12VDC or 18VDC for an additional 2.0 Amps. Again, using the same 100mA for each pedal, the GP121 and GP721 could potentially drive upwards of twenty (20) pedals at 9VDC. The remaining two (2) 12VDC/18VDC outputs could potentially drive from ten (10) pedals at 12VDC and another ten (10) pedals at 18VDC

  • What’s included in the DuGyte?

  • Each DuGyte GP Series model contains three core components: the Front Station Hub, the All-In-One Cable loom and the DuGyte AC/DC Power Supply. Some DuGyte models offer a rack mountable Back Station option. The DuGyte MFX Series contains two main components: the Front Station and the All-In-One Cable Loom. It also contains the two PowerCon cables for mains input and output.

  • Does the DuGyte come with a Warranty?

  • Yes – the DuGyte GP Series Pedalboard Connection System comes with a 12-month full replacement warranty if any equipment failure or malfunction is due to manufacturing defects. Please see the Maytech Music Systems Warranty Terms, Conditions and Exclusions for more details.



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