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DuGyte Systems

DuGyte Systems

The Ultimate Pedalboard Connection System 



Sick of getting unwanted noise or hum through your guitar and/or effects pedals/pedalboard? Tired of carrying multiple cables and leads to the gig? Is your power supply struggling to keep up? Had enough of the mess and time it takes to set up and tear down your rig?

Now there is a solution -The DuGyte range of patented Pedalboard Connection Systems.  Yes, you heard right, the DuGyte is a complete system, not just a power supply, not a cable with connectors at each end, but a specifically designed and developed system for guitarists and bass players that use effects pedals and multi effects pedalboards.

What's great about the DuGyte is it eliminates all the unwanted hum or noise in the effects chain, delivers excellent sound performance & tone reproduction, provides all the power your pedalboard needs - and all of this through one single DuGyte Cable Loom and one plug connection


Why the DuGyte makes sense for your pedalboard!


Here are six no brainer reason why you should own and use a DuGyte Pedalboard Connection System:



All the power, right at the pedalboard

No more wall warts, power strips or cables! The DuGyte offers all power options, from mains power right down to 9VDC all at the pedalboard



Multiple signal connections


Connect to your Wireless, Amplifier, Amplifier Footswitch/Relay (can also be used for Stereo amp out), Effect Loop Send and Return and Midi right at the pedalboard.



The All-In-One Cable


That’s right, only one cable and one plug to deliver all the signal and power you need to run your pedalboard.




Superior Sound-eliminate hum & noise


Each DuGyte product is manufactured using only the finest and highest quality Cable and Connectors. The DuGyte cable offers you optimum line impedance, reliable power handling with superior signal and tone quality, for a completely noise and hum free sound. .


 Value for Your Money


For around the same cost of an effects pedal, you have a complete system to power and connect up your pedalboard. All DuGyte systems are hand engineered by our technicians and tested to withstand the rigorous life of touring and performing.




Customized options available


If you have more requirements we do offer a fully customized service - made to order so to speak - so you achieve the setup you need from the get go!







Check out the Videos


Do yourself a favor and take a couple of moments to see how good the DuGyte system really is. There area few videos to choose from which all showcase various parts and performances of the system - Enjoy!




Get Connected Today


Finally, rid yourself of messy cables, multiple wall warts, power strips, and extension leads forever. Replace them with the original DuGyte GP or MFX Series “One Cable All Music” Pedalboard Connection System from Maytech Music Systems!


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