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The Heart and Soul of Every DuGyte Pedalboard Connection System

is the DuGyte Cable.



For musicians all that matters is the sound. We know it all begins and ends with the cable. That’s why we use only the best cable; one with superior wiring to ensure your sound quality is rich and vibrant and void of any frustrating hums, buzzing, and crackles.


Going a step further, the sturdy construction of the DuGyte All-In-One Cable also contributes to enhancing signal and performance. And, the use of highly flexible cable eliminates kinks and twists for tangle-free performance whether you're at home, in the studio or on stage!


So whether you’re looking for a spare (back up) cable, needing to replace an existing cable or wanting to upgrade your DuGyte, shop with confidence knowing you are purchasing Genuine Maytech Music Systems Products.


All DuGyte cables are manufactured with the identical consistency, workmanship and quality as the original cable that came with your DuGyte GPSeries model.

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