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Being musicians and knowing full well that each of us have our own method to madness, we have launched the Maytech Music Systems Custom Shop.

With such a wide audience, in style and taste, and lots of questions always being asked, we decided to provide  customized options across all of its products.  So if you desire to add something as little as a single option or elect to have a completely new customized product, our designers and engineers can design and build any number of configurations to suit your individual, specific playing needs.

Whether you just play in your bedroom or to an arena of fans we can customize a system for you. Have an idea of what you want the product to do or want to discuss what options are available, contact us today!


With multiple configurations and options available to choose from, a custom configuration can not be anticipated without knowing the specific requirements. Therefore, all custom jobs are priced on an individual bases.

The price when quoted will contain all the specific features and functional details in accordance with the requirements provided by you and contain an estimated delivery time from receipt of your deposit/order.


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