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Connect your Pedalboard like the pro's


Designed and developed by Maytech Music Systems, the DuGyte GP and MFX Series of Pedalboard Connection Systems offers you the fastest and easiest way to connect your entire Pedalboard with your back-stage amplifier, equipment and power using just one 'snake' cable!


Unlike other Snake cables and Pedal Snakes, the DuGyte is the only complete system that offers a single plug connection into a dedicated connection 'junction box' positioned on your pedalboard. 


Whether you play rhythm, lead or bass guitar, the DuGyte All-In-One Cable is all you need! 



Get Connected today!


Rid yourself of messy cables, multiple wall warts, power strips and extension leads forever. Replace them with the original DuGyte GP or MFX Series “One Cable All Music™” Pedalboard Connection System™ from Maytech Music Systems!



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